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Eligibility for application

Has published reviews of chargers on websites, forums, social media platforms, etc., and agrees to complete evaluation reports within 3 weeks of receiving samples and publish reports on at least 2 websites or media platforms.

We are looking for partners

1. Online fill out the "MiBoxer evaluation activities application form" (We will review your submission within 5 business days);
2. We will notify you by mail and send you samples;
3. Please complete the evaluation within 3 weeks after receiving the sample and write the evaluation report;
4. Publish your evaluation report on at least 2 websites or media platforms;
5. The website links and your evaluation report to provide us with to do the record.

Assessment requirements

The evaluation report should include:
test environment and procedures, high-definition pictures or video, product strengths and weaknesses, personal use experience or the overall evaluation of the product.
The evaluator should complete and publish the evaluation report on time.
MiBoxer will jointly own the intellectual property rights of the evaluation report.
We are committed to protecting your personal information.
MiBoxer own the final interpretation of the above evaluation rules.

Evaluation activities online application

Fill in multiple link addresses in a newline
Fill in multiple link addresses in a newline
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